ʻĀina Pūlama Mau
ʻĀina Pūlama Mau
ʻĀina Pūlama Mau
ʻĀina Pūlama Mau
ʻĀina Pūlama Mau

ʻĀina Pūlama Mau

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This special edition aloha shirt entitled ʻĀina Pūlama Mau, meaning ‘islands forever treasured’ in Hawaiian, celebrates the 40th anniversary of The Nature Conservancy, Hawai‘i chapter.

TNC has been active in Hawaiʻi since the late 1960s, and opened its Honolulu office in 1980. Since then, it has created partnerships to manage over 2 million acres of forests, watersheds, and restore Hawaiʻi’s coral reefs and fisheries.

Kahala artists worked closely with TNC scientists and Hawaiian cultural advisors and the result is a striking piece of artwork that weaves together an assemblage of wildlife and evokes a call to preserve the nature and culture of these islands.

Learn more about the project here. 

Featured in this print are 30 native species of both land and sea, from the iconic ‘I’iwi bird and beloved Honu, to lesser known favorites like the Pinao’ula damsel fly and Kāhuli tree snail.

The native plants and animals featured on this shirt celebrate the stunning biocultural diversity found in our lands and waters. They are the foundation of what makes Hawai‘i, Hawai‘i, and there is a story to be told about each one of them. We are honored to work with Kahala to tell that story through this design.” - Ulalia Woodside, Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy, Hawai‘i chapter.

  • 100% Cotton Broadcloth
  • Matched pocket 
  • Made in Hawaii, USA 
  • Machine washable 

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