Our Heritage

A Kahala shirt makes you feel good. It's that simple. Our artwork reflects the lifestyle and vibrancy of Hawai'i. We carry a bit of the Waikiki beach boy spirit in our hearts, surf when the waves are good and never turn down an adventure.

We are family owned, community minded and committed to manufacturing the majority of our collection locally. After all, an aloha shirt made here in Hawai'i means something special.

The 1930'S

The 1940's

The 1950'S

The 1960'S

The 1970's & 1980'S

The 1990's and 2000's


Continuing our tradition of innovation in art and fabrics, we’ve launched exciting new products including our Performance & Collector’s Edition – a limited series of aloha shirts featuring iconic 1940s heritage prints, as well as collaborations with guest artists, designers, and community partners, each with a distinct perspective of life in Hawaii.