An Ode to Mid-century Mixology

Framed in almost every Kahala store is an archival shirt featuring our iconic cocktail print originally named ‘Ōkole Maluna, meaning “bottoms up” in Hawaiian.  Each Kahala heritage print tells a story of decades past and the one behind ‘Ōkole Maluna is a favorite.

In the late 1950s, the bartender at the old Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki whipped up a bevy of house cocktails for Nancy Hogan, one of our artists, to sketch and paint what would become our famed print.  Tropical mixed drinks in creative vessels were the trending concoctions of the era; the snazzy shapes of coconut shells, kava bowls, and tiki mugs lent themselves to the dynamic horizontal design of the print.

Today, the reissue of our treasured print is now Hana Hou, the Hawaiian saying for “encore,” “again,” or “one more time.”  To celebrate, we're including an exclusive bartender's guide with every purchase of a Hana Hou shirt.  The booklet features a recipe for every beverage featured on our original design and we’ve recreated a few of the cocktails below so you can have a little taste of Hawai‘i in the comfort of your home. ‘Ōkole Maluna! Bottoms up! 



  • john enquist

    Help! I was away on a boat and missed this launch. I need an XL Hana Hou Shirt and the book. Hopefully I will be in Honolulu on Labor Day to participate in the Waikiki Rough Water Swim Race and need an appropriate shirt to celebrate with at the Outrigger CC Club. Can you help?


    Toast – may your ship at sea never be – ‘Ōkole Maluna

    And now for something completely different – lived when mailing address was TH v HI

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