Kahala x Bar Leather Apron

A collaboration with Downtown Honolulu's world-class crafted cocktail bar.

Aloha From The First sip

Tucked in a Downtown Honolulu lobby mezzanine is an inconspicuous gem—Bar Leather Apron. Unassuming yet extraordinary, this hidden treasure, founded by Justin Park and Tom Park (no familial relation) in 2015, redefines the art of crafting cocktails in Hawai‘i. Infused with curiosity, a discerning eye for excellence, and a local touch, their approach has earned them a consistent place on the World’s Best Bar list and the prestigious 2023 James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Bar.

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Behind The Print

JP’s Classics represents an evolution of Kahala’s heritage of conversational prints, building upon iconic styles such as the 1950s Hana Hou cocktail shirt that illustrated Hawai‘i’s timeless midcentury cocktails. The twelve signature drinks illustrated in the design carry with them the unique narratives and experiences that make each cocktail a work of art in its own right.

The fusion of craftsmanship and storytelling is evident in every detail, as the artists absorbed the ambiance of Justin Park’s bar, translating the intimate wood smoked atmosphere and the essence of signature drinks onto the fabric. From the Flowers For You, named after Tom's mom's flower shop located just below the bar, to the 2015 World’s Best Mai Tai, E Ho‘o Pau Mai Tai with its kiawe-smoked notes, each cocktail encapsulates a distinct tale. The BLA Old Fashioned, reimagined with Japanese confectionery sugar, and the Matcha Old Fashioned,inspired by Justin's journeys to Japan, showcase the global influences that contribute to the personalized aspects of the entire BLA menu. 

JP's Classics not only serves as a toast to Kahala's legacy but also encapsulates the spirit of exploration and creativity that define Justin and Tom’s Downtown Honolulu bar. Cheers to style, tradition, and the endless possibilities that unfold with every clink of glasses and stroke of creativity.

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